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Bancroft-Rosalie Public Schools

Board of Education


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School board minutes - August 2022

Bancroft-Rosalie Community School

Board of Education Meeting

Monday, Aug. 9, 2021 - 7:30 p.m.

Bancroft, NE


The Bancroft-Rosalie School Board of Education met in regular session at Bancroft-Rosalie Schools on Monday, Aug. 8, 2022. Board President Mike Nottlemann called the regular meeting to order at 7:31 p.m., with the following members present: Trevor Bonneau, Pam Browning, Pat Browning, Mike Nottlemann, and Jason Wortman. Board member, Casey Novak was absent. Motion was made by Bonneau and seconded by Wortman to excuse Novak from the meeting.


Notice of the meeting was published in the Wisner News Chronicle five days prior to the meeting.


President Nottlemann informed the public that a current copy of the Open Meetings Act is posted on the north wall of the library.


A motion was made by Pat Browning, seconded by Pam Browning to approve the minutes of the July 11, 2022 board meeting as presented. Discussion. RCV: Ayes 5 Opposed – 0. Absent-1. Motion carried.


During public hearing, no one in attendance for the public hearing.


A motion was made by Bonneau seconded by Browning to allow payment of the invoices from the general fund. Discussion. RCV: Ayes – 5, Opposed – 0. Absent-1 Motion carried.


In old business, a motion was made by Bonneau and seconded by Browning to approve new board policies 0333.1 Substitute Teachers,0613 Title IX Greivance Policy, final approval of amended policies: 0157 Agenda Construction and Control 0158 Minutes of Meetings, 0305 Drug and Substance Use and Abuse, 0538 Special Education, 0742.1, Internal Controls, 0787.3 Bidding Construction Projects. Aye-6 Naye-0 Absent-1.


A motion was made by Wortman and second by Bonneau to approve the new lunch prices. Aye-5, Naye-0, Absent-1.


In new business, a motion was made by Wortman, seconded by Bonneau to set the 2021-22 activity admission rates at $5 for students and $4 for adults. Discussion. RCV: Ayes – 5, Opposed – 0. Motion carried.


A motion was made by Pam Browning, seconded by Pat Browning to approve the following 2022-23 handbooks: Athletic, Elementary, Student, Teacher, and Classified Staff, and the food service program.


The board also reviewed policies regarding student fees, bullying, and attendance and reviewed the 2022-23 budget.


A motion was made by Nottlemann, seconded by Browning to dissolve the Girls Wrestling COOP with LDNE and to cancel the application submitted to the NSAA

because of a lack of approval by the Lyons-Decatur Board of Education. Discussion. RCV: Ayes – 5, Opposed – 0. Motion carried.


The next regular board meeting will be Monday, Sept. 12, 2021=2 at 7:30 p.m.


The meeting adjourned at 8:58 p.m.


Karin Vogt

Substitute Recording Secretary

August Board Meeting Minutes

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