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Daniel Bridges
Para/Health Science Instructor
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Daniel Bridges teaches both the Elementary Spanish Classes and Elementary Music Classes at Bancroft-Rosalie and also teaches Principles of Biomedical Science and is the EMS (Emergency Medical Services) and CPR Instructor for Pathways 2 Tomorrow. Also at Bancroft-Rosalie he is the Director of Musicals and one of the drivers of buses. His sock game is pretty much on point at all times as well. Legend has it that Mr. Bridges arrived in the Village of Bancroft in 2001 by way of the Great State of Georgia and The United States Army. As the story goes, every solider in Uncle Sam's Army is issued everything they need from rucksacks, to uniforms to the finest of brown unmentionables. To his surprise and delight, Mr. Bridges also found the love of his life, to whom he was introduced while stationed at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, CA, in 1997. (Mr. Bridges is also a Spanish Interpreter and Translator). After a short courtship involving bagels, Chinese food, BBQ ribs and various flavors of Shasta, he and his wife Amber, formally a Carlson of the Bancroft Carlsons, were married in the year of our Lord Nineteen Hundred and Ninety-Nine. As things often progress in such a manner, a year later their oldest son Zachary was born. After leaving the military and moving to Bancroft, their family grew. Their daughter Ella came along and the Bridges home hasn't been quiet since. After a bit more time passed, Mr. and Mrs. Bridges decided "The first two are great, so let us have another one." And so they did. Hayden, too, is awesome and one never needs to wonder what is on the young lad's mind. Lastly, in 2014, their third son Oliver was born. He, like his siblings before him, is a character. However, due to our countries unfortunate child labor laws, only one of these children currently has a job. Mr. Bridges is a fireman and EMT with both the Bancroft Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department and Rosalie Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department. The Bridges family has attended the Evangelical Free Church of Oakland since 2001.




Phone: 402-648-3336Email: Daniel Bridges Bancroft-Rosalie School
708 Main Street Bancroft NE 68004