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By Kierstan Lyons

September 22, 2009


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Is bullying becoming a major problem? What comes to the minds of parents when their children tell them they are being bullied? In elementary school, if the children told their teachers they were being bullied it would be considered tattle-taling. What would it be considered in high school? What would it result in? It may result in a detention. But sometimes the problem is completely ignored. Some students may even transfer schools. If the students decide to take their parents to the school to try and solve the problem, there are two things that happen. Both they have students brought into the office and then the student is made fun of even more. Otherwise nothing is done. Bullying students is becoming a problem. I believe something needs to be done.



Oct 22, 2009

I agree 100% with you. Usually the problem is ignored because it is being done by someone that is an athelete and they can't take them off the team because they are afraid of losing a game. Or they don't believe that the person would do such a thing and when it is one person against a whole locker room then nothing gets done. It is sad that kids have to go thru this torture. Just so they know - what goes around comes around. I hope that some day they realize what they have done to the one that they bullied.